The Monrad Metzgen Story: Tribute to a Belizean Patriot

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“Monrad has been my model for how to live since a child because of his dedication to family, community and country. My father who grew up in the same household with Monrad for several years also passed on to me Monrad’s emphasis on education and agriculture.”Ydahlia Metzgen Quemarez“They tell the tale of a man who so loved his country, he longed to accomplish a great and noble task. He had a dream, a passion, a great obsession which were his prime motivations. He traveled throughout the then British Honduras with the message – the future of the then British Honduras is in agriculture – grow what you eat, and eat what you grow. His role was not political but patriotic.”Louise Metzgen Fortin“At a time when British Honduras was in its infancy, Monrad Metzgen was a key figure in introducing societies, systems and structures into the fledging country. Much of the work that he started can be seen in present-day Belize – his interest in roads, the cycle race to Cayo, the Queen of the Bay pageant, the development of agriculture and the ethos of the public sector.”Humphrey MetzgenThis biography of Monrad Metzgen presents a picture of a patriotic citizen who was highly conscious of his actions, and wished to change the country for the better. Very often there are citizens who are too busy dealing with their own lives and seldom think about where the country is going. Monrad Metzgen was one of those conscious citizens of Belize who showed his love by setting out to change the bad things about the country, and gave up his individual interests for the interest of his country. Although he only had a brief stint in party politics, he recognized the country’s drawbacks and took up the responsibility of doing his part to correct the things that were unjust, and to free the country from any sort of injustice. In essence, the book chronicles the life of a normal citizen who chose to behave in the most righteous manner.Lawrence Vernon - from Amzon 
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